Quantum Diamond Technologies

Assay application


At QDTI we use NV sensors to image magnetic fields with high sensitivity and spatial resolution. This technology is being used to power a novel form of biomedical assay. Microscopic magnetic tags have long been used to identify and separate proteins in diagnostic assays – a multi-billion dollar per year market critical to patient care.


The NV-based imaging technology can be used to detect rare targets such as proteins, cells and nucleic acids with high sensitivity in largely unprocessed biological samples. Unlike optical measurement techniques, the magnetic signal can penetrate optically opaque sample such as whole blood. This can make medical diagnostics quicker, simpler and cheaper.



Figure from D. Glenn et. al, "Single-cell magnetic imaging using a quantum diamond microscope", Nature Methods, 12, 736-738 (2015)

QDTI is using NV quantum sensors to transform medical diagnostics